Rare Alex Tremulis Spaceship Hood Ornament , 1948 Tucker Designer ,Star Trek

This is as cool as it gets. Up for auction is a RARE RARE RARE Alex Tremulis designed Spaceship or "Flying Saucer" Hood Ornament from 1951. Tremulis was the lead designer for the 1948 Tucker or "Tucker Torpedo" as some like to call it. Tremulis was an amazing designer and was always at the cutting edge of automobile design throughout his career. In 1951 he came up with an idea for a spaceship/flying saucer hood ornament with partner Peter Pagratis. They contracted with Fortune Manufacturing of Chicago to produce them. Shortly after sales started Fortune ran into financial troubles and stopped production after only 4,000 units. They were never made again. What is even more fascinating is how much this looks like the USS Enterprise, NCC 1701, from Star Trek. Of those 4,000 that were sold only a few remain in existance. This one is complete with no parts missing. While the finish is in rough shape this can be cleaned up and re-chromed. They come out beautiful. It will need some repair before re-chroming. There is a small nick out of the back and there is a crack near one of the lights. It is possible it was glued there but I don't want to break it off trying to find out. I want to point out the flaws. It is far from perfect but in much better shape than others that have been restored. The good news is it is complete and will look great restored. When new, the center dome on this ornament lit up when installed on a car. Only 4,000 of these were made by Fortune Manufacting in 1951. This is one of those few that have survived. This is your chance to own a piece of automotive history at a bargain basement price. We've chose to make this a "No Reserve" Auction so bid now and bid often!!!!! This auction is for one Alex Tremulis Hood Ornament. If you have any question as to what is included in the auction please ask BEFORE bidding. Don't let this piece of Automotive History Pass You By !!!! Due to the antique nature of this item there are NO REFUNDS 1. To bid on this item you must be a registered E Bay user and be located in the U.S. I do not ship or sell outside the country. 2. You must have a PAYPAL account. Buyer is responsible to pay by PAYPAL within three business days. 3. You, the bidder, are entering into a legal and binding contract to purchase the item listed on this page. 4. Buyer must contact seller within 24 hours of auctions end. 5. Seller reserves the right to notify and end the auction early without any liability to the seller. 6. No bid retractions allowed 24 hours prior to the end of the auction. Please have all necessary information available to complete transaction. 7. Seller will ship item via USPS OR UPS Ground. Insurance is included in the shipping cost. Items will be packed EXTREMELY well to assure it arrives intact. 8. If you have ANY questions about the item or my selling policies contact me before placing a bid.

Click here to see the auction. Currently $152.50.

Rare Alex Tremulis Spaceship Hood Ornament , 1948 Tucker Designer ,Star Trek  photo

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